Using filesystem transport with Celery

Celery is an asynchronous job queue. It is used to build distributed applications — application which run on (potentially) multiple hosts, but it is also useful if your application runs on a single host.


Celery distributes and schedules work by passing messages around through an AMQP broker such as RabbitMQ …

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Java vs Python

I’ve been asked to compare Python to Java quite a few times now, far more often than other combinations of languages. While most of these questions came from trolls, some of them were sincere. In one instance, business decisions were made based on my recommendation.

Comparing tools

If anything …

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Accessing your console without a password

Lets face it: passwords are a usability nightmare, decent passwords are hard to remember and often hard to enter. Most system administrators hate passwords, and in Unix systems administration they’ve mostly been replaced by ssh keys, as those provide better usability and security. Unfortunately ssh keys don’t work …

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Using pyinotify with eventlet

For Logshipper I needed to monitor directories for modifications. On Linux, this can be achieved using INotify. In typical python fashion, there already is a package which provides inotify in python, aptly named pyinotify. While the package works reasonably well, its code isn’t in great shape, lacking tests, public …

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