Setting terminal title to ssh hostname

For my daily work, I frequently need to log into servers using SSH. Typically I’m using a jumphost with tmux, so I can have multiple windows and easily reconnect during or after my commute. One of my annoyances was that I was having problems seeing which servers I’m …

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Provisioning handheld GPSs with Ansible

Garmin etrex series

A friend of mine rents out hand held GPS units for out door activities. It started out as a small scale business, with just a few units per order. However, business is going well, and not only the number of orders grew, also the number of units per order grew …

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Hosting a static blog on an Object store

There are a ton of CMS systems for personal blogs. Wordpress is probably the most popular one, but there are many others. These systems tend to have an web-facing administrator panel, protected by a password. Creating a blog entry is usually pretty easy, although when you’re a bit picky …

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